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Overcoming resistance

Jean lived alone in her own condominium after divorcing many years ago and recently lost her only brother, which seemed to touch off a depression. Her nephew, “Michael”, is her closest family and has taken on the responsibility of being her health care proxy and power of attorney.


Michael was very concerned because Jean was not herself and didn’t know what else to do. She was depressed although on medication, but also showing signs of memory loss. She was always a very attractive woman who took pride in her appearance but had become increasingly careless in her appearance, at times appearing disheveled, and was also increasingly isolating herself instead of going out with friends. She was still driving but they had agreed she would only stay on familiar, local roads. He had spoken to her about moving to someplace like a senior community or an assisted living, but she wouldn’t hear of it. MORE


Every experience with an Independent Living Solution care manager is unique. Here are a few examples.
Creating a progressive plan of care

Hannah is an 84 year old woman who lives in her own home in the center of a small town. She has lived there for over 50 years. Hannah was widowed about 10 years ago and has a son and daughter in law who live in a neighboring community. They all belong to the same church.


Hannah’s son called ILS because he and his wife were increasingly concerned about Hannah’s forgetfulness which seemed to be getting worse and her isolation throughout a terrible winter. Hannah was a cancer survivor of recent years but had never fully recovered to her prior level of function. Until a couple of years ago, Hannah was extremely active in the community, in her church, and in local arts councils. She has many friends and numerous acquaintances but was able to see very few people this past winter as the weather prohibited foot or auto travel and many people were away for extended periods.


ILS went with Hannah’s daughter-in-law to meet Hannah at her home and hear from her what kind of help she thought she might need. Her thinking was disorganized, she had difficulty finding words to express herself, and she was very confused about an upcoming doctor appointment that had had to be rescheduled. She was unable to look in the refrigerator and say what she would have for lunch, nor could she demonstrate how to use the microwave. She reported sleeping a lot during the day. MORE


Finding the right community

Ben is a very independent gentleman who lives in Florida in his own condominium. He lost his wife about 5 years ago and has suffered a few medical setbacks in recent years so running a household is increasingly challenging. His only child, a daughter, lives in Massachusetts and wants to move him to be near her. Ben is willing to sell his apartment and move north but expects to receive very little in proceeds as he and his wife signed a reverse mortgage about 10 years ago and the funds have spent down almost to the break even point. His only income is his social security which is less than $1200/month. His savings were significantly depleted by medical costs associated with the care of his wife.


Where can he go that he can afford that will provide support services? What entitlement programs is he qualified for? MORE


The help you need in this time of change.

"e were thrilled to find out that there were people out there that could help us find a place that would help our sister to not only greet the morning with enthusiasm, but would help her to 
look forward to the days in the future with anticipation of things yet to be seen…Independent Living Solutions and YOU helped to give my sister a life worth living!”  
~ Patrick A., Beverly, MA.

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