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  • Thoroughly assessing your loved one’s functional ability, cognitive status, and living environment alternatives.


  • Researching and reviewing options for care that will provide the services your loved one needs.


  • Creating a smart care budget that best fits within you or your parent's financial abilities, including avoiding duplicative services and maximizing public benefits.


  • Helping to avoid unnecessary hospitalizations.


  • Managing the coordination of their health care, giving you the peace of mind that your parent is being cared for.


  • Advocating for your parent's rights when you can’t be there to speak for them.

"e value your opinion greatly and are so pleased with all you do.  It's a great comfort knowing you are taking such good care in watching over them for us while we are unable to.”   ~ Jackie L., Newburyport, MA.

Independent Living Solutions approaches each client as a unique case with it own particular characteristics and issues. With that in mind, we customize the services we offer to the needs of each individual client. We look at every avenue possible to provide services in the most cost effective way.

How do you know if your loved one is able to live at home safely or needs to be in another environment? We’ll do a thorough assessment and review, including family interviews, and in-person evaluations of abilities, strengths and needs. We’ll identify the problems and present our recommendations and other options.


Care Planning

Caring for an aging loved one is not easy. We will create a step-by-step plan of care that resolves your immediate concerns, addresses their short-term needs, and plans for the longer term.


Service Coordination and

Navigating the myriad of ancillary health care services can be overwhelming and time consuming. We identify and organize the different services available for your parent, such as home care or home repair. A dedicated skilled care manager will accompany them to medical appointments, assure follow-ups, and facilitate the flow of information between caregivers and family members.



We understand it’s hard to always be present to ensure your loved one is getting the care they deserve and that their concerns are heard. With years of experience working in the health system and our understanding of insurance regulations, our care managers passionately advocate for patient’s rights and services throughout their care.


Family Consultations

Keeping family members in the know and updated can be challenging at times given family dynamics. Through one-time or as-needed meetings, we provide opportunities for family or other concerned parties to meet and discuss their parent’s care.

Insurance Review

Today’s insurance regulations and health plan particulars can be difficult to understand. We help you and your family maximize the health benefits available to you through your own insurance and as well as other available resources that might apply.

The help you need in this time of change.

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